If errors are detected that indicate unethical practices, scientific misconduct or lack of scientific integrity in an article already published in the Revista Médica Herediana (RMH), the Editor in Chief will issue a letter warning of the case in the next issue, and the file in question will be replaced by labeling it with the term "retracted". In addition, it will inform the authors' institutions of affiliation and, if applicable, CONCYTEC, in compliance with the  National Code of Scientific Integrity. In the case of authors with affiliation to UPCH, the Office of Responsible Conduct in Research (OCRI) of the university shall be informed in the first instance.

Likewise, the scientific community is invited to inform the Editor in Chief immediately if it detects or suspects that any of the aforementioned faults (see Etichs in reserch) have been committed in any of the articles of the RMH by e-mail or through the editorial form "Letter to the Editor".

In case minor corrections are required, the original article is maintained and a note is added at the end of the article explaining the correction and adding the date of the correction.