Editorial process

The editorial process of the Revista Médica Herediana begins with the submission of the manuscript through our online system, along with this you must send the article cover letter, the affidavit and the financing and conflict of interest declaration, available in the Formats section.

The Revista Médica Herediana determines the similarity index of the manuscript using the Turnitin software, without including names of the authors, institutional affiliation, correspondence, authorship contribution and bibliographic references; If it is greater than 15%, the manuscript will be returned to the authors for corrections or appropriate citation. The manuscript in which plagiarism or any other lack of scientific integrity is identified will be rejected: scientific misconduct and unethical research practices; In addition, the Editorial Committee will communicate the lack to the authors and their affiliation institutions.

The manuscripts are then reviewed by the editor-in-chief or one of the associate editors, who have the power to reject them in this first evaluation.

  • “Original article” type manuscripts (including systematic reviews and meta-analysis), “Brief communication” and “Case report”, are submitted, without exception, to a double-blind peer review process; To this end, the editor-in-chief or associate editor in charge appoints two reviewers, one external and one member of the university; If there are discrepancies, a third external reviewer will be appointed. A document with the observations made by the reviewers will be sent to the authors. Once the author receives these comments, he must respond point by point and incorporate the modifications within four weeks. If after this time, the RMH does not receive the response from the authors, the Board of Editors will withdraw the manuscript from the process.
  • Manuscripts written under another editorial form received by the journal are not submitted to peer review; However, the Board of Editors will make its own judgment on the relevance or observations that may be merited.

In both cases, the journal will issue its verdict, if possible, within a period of no more than two months through the designated corresponding author.

Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, the Editorial Board will not accept modifications to its content; The Journal will review the quality of the English of the title and abstract.

After editing and proofreading, the authors will receive proofs of the article (the article layout in PDF format), which must be carefully reviewed and returned to the editor within a maximum of 72 hours.

In the event that the editor-in-chief, or one of the associate editors or assistant editors, submits a manuscript to the RMH, it will be removed from all discussion and decisions regarding it, and another member of the journal will assume the administration of the editorial process.